Friday, August 24, 2007


Colin Randall has invited me to post in his Salut! Forum, so I have. Thanks, Colin!

See you over there, then...


sciencebod said...

I enjoyed reading your post on Salut, Gigi. So very natural, with that delightful self-deprecating line in humour.

Of course, it could just be your alter ego that we're allowed to see. Maybe you're a fire-breathing dragon of a schoolheadmistress (or similar) in real life...

No,on second thoughts, I think not !

Anonymous said...

BTW, I've jumped ship, from Blogger that is, and am now using the Berlin-hosted

Must try to remember to log in under "Other" next time I call by, which is what I'm doing here, entering my new web page as requested.

Anonymous said...

So what was that about, then, I wonder ? Google/Blogger asked me to enter my webpage, but ColinB now appears in black with no link to my new site.

It's that kind of of control freakery that made me give up on that Californian Octopus!

For the record it's

I've finally got rid of that damned spot.

PS I'll enter my name slightly different, just in case Blogger has issues with using an existing name.

Anonymous said...

Oops. It's not discrimination. One simply has to observe the correct protocol where these Californians are concerned:

Gigi said...

OK - your name is linked now. I'll change the link to dreams and daemons on my blog now..if you're sure you're going to stay!

Anonymous said...

I won't be bothering with Google/blogger anymore, Gigi, unless or until it stops locking folk out their blogs for no good reason, and allows one's copy to be searchable under

I found my present new home by inputting blog into I then went to the first blog I could find, written as it happens by a British-based Hindu, and entered one of his distinctive phrases into and it showed up. But when I did the same with anything from a Blogger or even TypePad or WordPress blog, phrases only showed up in Google Web, and never in

I don't understand why Google plays the night club doorman/bouncer where is concerned, and I know it's caused a lot of ill-feeling among Brits, especially those who are UK resident, who signed up with the "easiest" blog provider, invariably US-based, only to discover they are automatically excluded from

It is odd, and a bit sinister if you ask me, how Google defends this absurd policy with almost religious zeal. It's the kind of thing that breeds conspiracy theories.

I know Bill Gates made more than one visit to No.10 while His Toniness was still in residence. I must do some research and see if any of Google's top figures were ever entertained there as well, if you get my drift.

Who was it who left office complaining about the "feral media" which some commentators read as code for bloggers, both private and MSM.

PS Would you object, Gigi, if I cut and pasted this to the thread on my new blog to which you so kindly contributed this morning ?

Gigi said...

Go ahead, no problem.

I've just tried typing 'limping iambics', the name of my poetry site, into the pages. Normally, it's first on the page in but - yep, you're right, the only mention I have on is from the Britblog directory. My site doesn't appear at all.

Perhaps that's why I'm not famous yet?

Anonymous said...

Fine. I'll post it as swansong to Old Dreams and Daemons too, if that's OK.

Yep, I did the same test with Roads of Stone's blog too, and that also did not appear on, except for the listing under the Britblog directory, which I suppose is a kind of consolation prize.

Anonymous said...

Golly, no wonder my ears were burning ...

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