Monday, July 21, 2014

In perspective

Stereotypes may or may not be true: the stiff upper-lip of the British, the discipline of the Germans, the excitability of the Italians and…the grumpiness of the French.

To be honest, I only know a handful of proper raleurs – complainers. Most of the French people I meet are delightfully easy-going. Nevertheless, this stereotype has come in very handy as an excuse for my own grumpy-miserable-feeling-sorry-for-myself state of mind. It’s all rubbed off on me, see?

Ah perspective was all wrong.

This post is for my little brother (he'll always be my ‘little’ brother) and he’s seriously ill. If there are any readers living in the Brighton area, please support this touching venture organised by Ian's musician friends.

It’s all about hope.