Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ahmed, the Good Samaritan

I seem to have become a bit of a wuss since The Menopause.

I used to be confident about doing all sorts of things: DIY, rewiring plugs, getting rid of computer viruses, going to the loo in unfamiliar cafés without wandering into the broom cupboard by mistake (ok, that’s not true – I’ve always had problems there) and changing the car battery.

Not any longer. I have become a jittery lily-livered wimp of a woman, too scared to do anything in case I inadvertently die.

My car battery did die, on the other hand, about a month ago. It didn’t help that I’d left the warning lights on for three days but it was getting a tad menopausal itself, so I needed a new one.

And suddenly, I felt overwhelmed by the task. I watched videos, studied websites, wrote down a list of appropriate tools and procrastinated admirably until finally, today, I set off to the second-nearest supermarket to buy a new battery.

Oh boy, was it heavy! I had to put it down every ten steps and change arms before they were wrenched from their sockets. It was going to take me forever to get home…

 “Oh Lord,” I said, “Please send someone to help!”

And He did. Immediately.

A car stopped and a total stranger leaned out of the window and asked if I wanted a lift. Now, I no longer get into cars with total strangers (that’s all in my past) but my arms didn’t seem to be working properly anymore so I had little choice.

Not only did this kind man go out of his way to take me home, he also offered to change the battery for me, improvising with the inappropriate (as it turned out) tools I’d just bought. It was a long job.

His name is Ahmed. I told him he was the answer to my prayer; he told me it was Destiny as he doesn’t usually take the route he took today but did so on a whim. We had a brief theological discussion beneath the bonnet and parted ways.

So although you won’t read this, thank you lovely Ahmed.

And yes, girls. The Taxi Service is back in action…