Saturday, March 21, 2009

French Bred

Just a little plug for a great book by Frédéric Guarino called French Bred.

Frédéric was born and raised in Paris. He moved to the Boston area in 1988, following his American wife, knowing very little English and even less about American culture. Along the way, he learnt his new country's language well enough to feel comfortable writing again. Now a divorced father of two, he lives in Medway, Massachusetts, runs his own business and somehow found the time to write "French Bred", his first book.

This is a wry look at the French...from a Frenchman's point of view - which makes a nice change!

I've put the link in the side-bar under "Favourite Views".

Brilliant title too, I think...


Anonymous said...

Do you realise that the one comment on your latest post (which is in Japanese)the comment that is not your blog ! appears to be a pornographic site ? !

Gigi said...

It's the THIRD comment - I keep deleting them!

I imagined it was something weird although I didn't click to find out :-)