Friday, June 21, 2013

Faites de la musique!

In honour of the fête de la musique, our CLIS decided to surprise the rest of the school with a batucada. I don't know whether the awe on their faces was provoked by our rythmical prowess or the sight of my jiggling bingo wings but anyway - we had great fun...

Hannah, my eldest daughter, writes and sings her own songs:

And Abigail, my youngest, also tends to break into song at the slightest provocation, whilst wearing her mum's checked shirt...

My middle daughter, Rachel, is quite content to simply sit and listen...

...and very prettily, I'm sure you'll agree.
Bonne fête de la musique!


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jhone taker said...

Nice use of charcoal in this shot :)
This boldness has navigated right into my heart.
This style blew my mind. thanks
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