Friday, December 15, 2006

Even colder

Did I mention it was cold? Well, now that the boiler has packed in, I’d like to mention it again. I had to sleep in a fleece and ski socks last night and this morning I had to boil a kettle and wash in a bucket. It reminded me of my time in Nigeria…ok ok, I’ll shut up (my daughter is chanting "during the war, during the war" for some reason...)

The last time this happened, the maintenance people said they couldn’t come for five days. It was the middle of winter and we huddled pitifully around the open oven door until the butane ran out. When the maintenance man did turn up, he just unscrewed the side panel, pressed a little red button, remarked that my kitchen was a death trap (I think he spotted the left-over Irish stew) and that was it. Since then, I’ve been pressing the little red button myself.

It didn’t work this time, though. The woman on the phone promised someone would be around at 2 pm to fix it. Now, I know that here, 2 pm means 3 pm at the earliest or possibly 3:30 pm. Apparently, in this case, it means tomorrow morning.

Hmmn. Reminds me of my time in Nigeria...

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