Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas cheer

I have just read a very funny article by Philip Johnston which cheered me up somewhat on this chilly Monday morning.

Christmas regulations for the good of the people? I’ve been trying to imagine the French government telling its citizens what to do…but sadly, my imagination fails me. They would probably all go on strike. On the other hand, as a poor, single mother of three, I can quite easily envisage having to fill in forms (in triplicate) in order to get a free Christmas tree with decorations (eight baubles and a fairy for a single parent with two children – four baubles for each subsequent child), stocking voucher, state-funded foie gras and exceptionally, the AAPI (Allocation d’Alcool pour Parents Indignes). However, as I would also have to find various documents to prove my eligibility (birth certificate, marriage certificate, separation certificate, French O-level certificate, Brownie Badge etc), I would – as usual – miss out.

Well, never mind. There’s more to Christmas than just enjoying yourself, n’est-ce pas?

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blueVicar said...

Making a blog list for Christmas...yep, making a list and checking it twice!

A very Merry Christmas, though a little belated!

Thanks for the note so I could find French Windows. I'll come back again...

Meilleurs and for the new year!!